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WEDNESDAY, December 07, 2022
Magical supplements, promised windfalls among top 10 fake news last week

Magical supplements, promised windfalls among top 10 fake news last week

SUNDAY, September 25, 2022

Up to six of the top 10 fake news items last week were related to health issues, though none touched upon Covid-19, the Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry said on Sunday.

The authorities checked 148 pieces of fake news shared on social media between September 16 and 22, and pinpointed the top 10 as follows:

• People suffer insomnia because smartphones affect their brainwaves

• People can apply for a driving licence via Line application

• Thailand will be hit by a storm called “Kularb” in the last week of September

• Liquid soap and amine compounds put people at risk of cancer

• The Stock Exchange of Thailand allows people to buy stocks at 1,000 baht with weekly dividends of 4,000 to 6,000 baht

• Food supplement “Vgine” helps prevent abnormalities in women’s uterine system

• A powerful tropical storm will hit the Northeast in eight to nine days

• Food supplement “Adapto-Air” helps improve lungs and body

• Food supplements “Balance U” and “U Core” can cure thyroid toxicity, swollen glands, bulging eyes, insomnia and palpitation

• Consuming a handful of peanuts daily can cure mood disorders

People can report fake news via the Anti-Fake News Centre’s website, Twitter, Line account @antifakenewscenter or via the Government Contact Centre’s 1111 hotline extension 87.