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YouTube the favourite app of children worldwide

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YouTube is the most popular application among children worldwide, including Thailand, global anti-virus firm Kaspersky said on Monday.

The firm reviewed anonymised data, such as search queries, the most popular Android applications, and website categories and provided voluntarily by Kaspersky Safe Kids users, to explore the most popular children’s interests between January and March.

This data can help parents to better understand their children's favourite subjects and passions, it added.

Global statistics showed that the top five popular applications among children were: YouTube (31.6 per cent), TikTok (19 per cent), WhatsApp (18 per cent), Roblox (7.5 per cent) and Chrome browser (7.3 per cent).

In Thailand, children’s top applications are: YouTube 24.07 per cent, Line 13.61 per cent, TikTok 11.42 per cent, Messenger 8.34 per cent and Facebook 8.26 per cent.

YouTube the favourite app of children worldwide

The global statistics of children's requests in Kaspersky Safe Kids also showed their interests as follows:

Anime: Among Japanese cartoons, children are most interested in Naruto and My Hero Academia.

Bloggers: They are opinion leaders for many children and are watched and imitated, helping many kids to learn about the world and find friends among like-minded people.

DIY – Do it yourself: A popular category of videos in which the author shows how to create a product with a step-by-step guide. It can be anything from a birdhouse to assembling a computer or garden furniture.

Educational: Modern social networks and platforms contain a wide variety of educational content.

Memes: ‘Animation memes’ are the most popular meme request among kids. They are typically short animations of a character dancing or sometimes singing along to music with the intent to be spread or repeated by other animators with their own characters.

YouTube the favourite app of children worldwide

“As one of the world’s most active digital citizens, it is no surprise that Thai children are enthusiastic explorers of the digital world themselves," said Sandra Lee, managing director for Asia Pacific at Kaspersky.

She said the majority of Thai children are relying on the internet not just for study but also for play and entertainment, most likely because of remote-learning blues amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We encourage parents to stay informed and commit to sitting down with their kids extensively, as it’s an effective way to keep their children responsible and safe digital citizens,” she added.

Published : May 30, 2022