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THURSDAY, September 29, 2022
Line TV puts its focus on content

Line TV puts its focus on content

SUNDAY, April 29, 2018
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Unlike other onlineplatforms, Asiannetwork offers users long-form videos under ad-based model 

HIGH Quality and long-form video content, combined with free service, are the key reasons for the success of Line TV, the three-year-old leading advertising-based online video platform, according to a senior executive. Line TV this year is increasing the number of partners able to provide a variety of quality content.
Kawin Tangudtaisak, content business director of Line Thailand attributes the TV success so far to an abundance of long-form content. 
He contrasts his company’s approach to other online content platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, which have a lot more short-form content than long-form content.
“People visit Line TV a bit less often, but once they visit Line TV, almost of them stay very long on the app,” said Kawin.
Line TV positions itself as a premium video service, offering high quality content under an advertising-based model, with two options – sponsorship and pre-roll ads that allow viewers to skip the ad after a few seconds. The approach puts them in a unique position and is a key driver for their success, said Kawin.
“The key to success is good quality content. We partner with content producers. We are not a user-generated content platform. We help promote all partners’ contents. We have a huge budget [which cannot be disclosed] for marketing and promoting content on Line TV. The marketing budget for 2018 is more than 100 per cent above the marketing budget in 2017,” said Kawin.
This year Line TV is continuing to partner with TV Channels, including Channel 3. This year, the company will be adding user-generated content to their mix. Line TV will partner with Ookbee’s studio to co-create quality user-generated content that will be launched into the Line TV stream in the third quarter of 2018.
“Partnering with Ookbee is to open an opportunity for new producers to have a platform for showing their [user-generated] content,” said Kawin.
He said Line TV is not an online content disrupter, but instead plays the role of partner to content producers who wish to go on the online platform. The online platform and TV are complementary to each other, he said. 
The target audience of Line TV is 15- to 40-year-olds, with around 80 per cent living in urban areas and 20 per cent in rural areas. 
There are four key focus area of content – TV re-runs, original content, music experience, and miscellaneous content including music videos, live concerts, artists’ original content, animation, sports, variety, and movies. 
Kawin said that benefits for Line TV stakeholders include offering a platform for showing content for content producers; offering an advertising platform for a safe brand; and offering quality content for end-users free of charge. 
“Line TV is not yet the largest online video platform, so we need to put more emphasis on awareness,” said Kawin. “This year, Line TV is set to be the number one online video platform in term of the largest amount of quality content watched by audiences.”
The brand is now trying to optimise data consumption to allow users to enjoy watching even on low-speed networks. Locally designed and developed in Thailand, the TV is now also available in Taiwan.
It is not right for a rollout to all countries, said Kawin, but is suitable for markets in which Line enjoys access to both content and a large number of users. “It is a hyper-location strategy,” he said.
Three years after launching, Line TV is now the leading advertising-based online video platform in Thailand and was voted the top re-run video platform in Thailand, according to Nielsen. 
For 2018, the company has set its hopes on becoming Thailand’s No. 1 online video platform.
Being an app that is associated with the Line chat app is another success factor for the TV brand. 
In Thailand, there are more than 42 million Line users, a number that is expected to reach 45 million by 2020. 
Meanwhile, the Line TV app has been downloaded 20 million time and enjoys similar numbers for active monthly users. Time spent on Line TV is 176 minutes or around two-thirds of total time spent on TV.
“In Thailand, the subscription-based model can penetrate the market only to around 5 million people, according to market research. Line TV want to reach more than that, so the advertising-based model is the right one,” said Kawin.

Line Today

In addition to Line TV, Line Thailand has introduced Line Today, offering short-form content to over 42 million Line users.
Line Today has claimed the spot of number one news portal in Thailand, with 32 million monthly active users and over 1 billion page views per month. 
Currently, Line Today has around 110 content partners, providing sufficient content to allow it to offer fully-personalised content, which it is planning to launch by the second half of this year. “Our strategy is to partner with traditional media and help facilitate them turning to the online platform easily and successfully,” said Kawin Tangudtaisak, content business director of Line Thailand.
Line Today, like Line TV, is an advertising-based model, with revenue coming from banner and native ads. It offers Line users free quality content from partners.
“The key focus of Line Today is to curate quality content, and to do personalised content for different users in order to create better engagement,” said Kawin.