Sat, July 02, 2022


Try something new, says Booking

A survey by, a site connecting travellers to “the most incredible places to stay”, has determined that new travel experiences make you more confident, decisive and “interesting”.

The survey of 15,000 people in 20 countries “proves that travelling to new places and opening your mind to different, novel experiences inspires life-enriching changes”, the website says.
Almost two-thirds of respondents said diving into fresh travel experiences vastly increased their confidence. Almost as many said they’d discovered there’s no need to worry about exploring the unknown.
“Our first-time travel experiences open our minds, spark our imagination and inspire us to continue trying something new or change direction in life. Once you catch the travel bug it’s simply contagious,” says the site’s Pepijn Rijvers. 


Published : March 03, 2017

By : The Nation