Wed, August 10, 2022


Provincial heads told to utilise innovation in development plans

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday instructed agencies working on development plans for provincial clusters and provinces nationwide to integrate prominent innovation in their clusters so that plans for the next four years are in line with 20-year national strategies.

The instruction was given at a second national meeting to integrate provincial administration policies, chaired by the PM at Government House.
Agencies such as the Interior Ministry were told to adopt key innovations in their areas of responsibility and include them in their plans for the next four years, which will be the first period for the government’s 20-year strategies.
The Prayut government has been trying to change Thailand into a value-based society, and innovation is seen as its flagship policy to drive the country toward this goal. With its Thailand 4.0 policy, it expects the country will be able to “add value”, and move away from heavy industry, as promoted during the third phase of national development, to a more innovation-based economy.
All 76 provinces and 48 clusters have been encouraged to do this, so they can add value to their areas and the nation as a whole.
Initially, a budget of Bt28 billion has been set to support the initiative and it will be increased if new projects are shown to be in line with this idea, participants at the meeting were told. 
The Interior Ministry proposed that bottom-up plans from communities, tambons, and districts be encouraged to meet provincial level plans to strengthen their strengths. 
Details will need to be submitted to the committee nearly next year.

Published : November 07, 2016