Sat, May 28, 2022


Russia scandal is a gigantic hoax being pulled on Americans 

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Re: “How Mueller’s investigation into Trump might unfold”, Opinion, June 20.

Reading the “Have Your Say” page of June 20 was truly a breeze of fresh air, a “protected zone” set aside by the professionally ethical management of the editor. Thank you, The Nation, for safeguarding freedom of expression. Nigel Pike and our “notorious” JC Wilcox brought back reality, truth and clarity of thought to this forum for the exchange of ideas and critique.
The page also featured Noah Feldman’s article on Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign team. What outcome and end result can be expected from this investigation? What can we expect from the fox guarding the hen house? Just more of the same.
Despite more than 10 months of hot-air accusations that Trump’s team colluded with (of course) the Russians, not a shred of evidence has come to light.
Ninety per cent of the US mainstream media (MSM) is controlled by six corporations. No wonder then that only 6 per cent of the American public trust the endlessly lying MSM, which churns out innuendo after innuendo – the latest coming from Megyn Kelly (NBC) against her interviewee Alex Jones. Her cunning and outright lies will lead to her swift downfall.  So much for honesty and integrity of the MSM.

Published : June 23, 2017