Mon, August 15, 2022


Cheep nominated to become president of Supreme Court

CHEEP JULLAMON, the vice president of the Supreme Court, has been nominated to become its next president after the most senior candidate, Appeal Court chief Sirichai Wattanayothin, failed to get support from the Judicial Commission’s selection subcommittee.

The subcommittee yesterday nominated Cheep, the second most senior candidate, who is now serving as the first vice president of the Supreme Court.
The Judicial Commission’s full meeting is scheduled to convene next Tuesday to vote on the approval of Cheep’s nomination, Courts of Justice spokesman Suebpong Sripong said yesterday.
He said that at its meeting yesterday, the subcommittee took into consideration the qualifications and capabilities of the nominated judge.
The selection panel on Monday resolved not to nominate Sirichai as the new Supreme Court president. A reason has not been disclosed.
Sirichai, who is serving as president of the Appeal Court, yesterday said he felt slighted for failing to get nominated.
However, he dismissed press reports that he was considering legal action against the Judicial Commission.
The senior judge told INN News that he was among the first group of law graduates from Ramkhamhaeng University and had expected to become the first Supreme Court president from the open university.
The current Supreme Court president, Veerapol Tuhnsuwan, is to retire at the end of September.

Published : July 06, 2017