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Drunken group beats senior police officer unconscious, creates mayhem at police station

A POLICEMAN, who had rushed to handle an argument at a petrol station in Bangkhen district on Wednesday night, ended up being punched and kicked by a drunken man until he became unconscious.

The incident happened at a Bangchak petrol station in Soi 17 on Sukapibarn 15 Road at about 8.30pm. The drunken man and his group tried to escape and even after their arrest later, they created a ruckus at the police station, insulting the police personnel there.
A witness told police that a group of men rode a car into the station to fill the tank. When the driver lowered the window, one of the passengers was found to be smoking.
The station staff warned them that they would not get service if any of them smoked. This made them angry, leading to an exchange of words. The group left the vehicle and continued to confront the staff in the petrol station office. Police were called in to handle the situation.
Police Senior Sgt-Major Thawat Saisamer said when he arrived at the station, he saw a group of men having an argument with the station staff.
“I tried to calm them down but they appeared to be drunk and refused to talk,” Thawat said. Then a man, identified later as Sopon Kosin, 36, tried to drive 
 the vehicle out of the station. Tawat said he approached the vehicle and took out the key out of the car, fearing that Sopon, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, could possibly hurt people on the street.
“Sopon then punched me on the face and other men also attacked me. I retreated but suddenly something hit my neck and I collapsed. When I woke up, I found that my police identity card and mobile phone had disappeared and the group had gone,” he said.
He and his colleagues then radioed for back up and a hunt began for the attackers. Their vehicle was found later near Theparak Road. The group, who still appeared to be drunk, were rounded up. They threw away Tawat’s mobile phone and tried to resist arrest. Soldiers had to be called in to handle the situation.
The group was taken to the Sai Mai Police Station but they continued yelling and mocking the police there, asking them if they were smart or good only to file complaints.
They damaged desks and chairs in the police station and threatened reporters not to take their photos. The group had an argument with a group of motorcyclists who had come to the station. After a brief scuffle, Sopon was found unconscious near the entrance of the station.

Published : July 06, 2017

By : Kanathit Srihirandet Kornkamon Aksorndet The Nation