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Government ‘settles bill’ with former communists

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The Internal Security Operations Command Region 3 on Thursday presented Bt47.25 million in “vocational assistance funds” to 210 former communist insurgents and sympathisers in the North.

Each recipient was given Bt225,000 in a ceremony held at Suriyapong Military Camp in Nan.
Having renounced their former ideology and pledged to help in the country’s development, the Thai Phuruam Pattana Chatthai (Phor Ror Thor), as they’re known in Thai, are eligible for government aid.
Thursday’s ceremony recognised 163 people from Nan, 25 from Chiang Rai, 21 from Phayao and one from Phrae.
There are currently 6,183 Phor Ror Thor across the nation. 
The government has provided such aid three times before. Thursday’s distribution of funds was the fourth and final allocation.
In 2002, 806 people were granted land in the Northeast on which to live or farm, and 2,609 people in 11 provinces each received Bt50,000-Bt125,000. In 2009, 9,180 people each received Bt225,000.

Published : June 22, 2017

By : Santichai Jarupipatbutr The Nation