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Wife’s 15-year secret ends in official adoption of ‘son’ 

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A WOMAN’S 15-year secret about the real parenthood of her only “son” was revealed recently, and now the couple is set to officially adopt the boy.

Her husband Chai (not his real name) accidentally found out that his teenage son was not his when he wished to have his son registered for a national identity card.
Chai, a 52-year-old electrician from Samut Prakan found out that the boy was born to a couple in Sakhon Nakhon province 15 years ago, after he found the boy’s real birth certificate in a safe in his house.
Despite the shock, Chai contacted a foundation to help trace the boy’s biological parents because he wanted to officially adopt him.
Chai told Pavena Hongsakul, president of via the Pavena Foundation, that 15 years ago he travelled a lot for work. One day, his wife, who comes from Phuket, said she was pregnant and wanted to stay with relatives in her hometown during the pregnancy so they could take care of her. 
He agreed and transferred money to his wife to cover her medical expenses.
Eventually, she telephoned Chai, saying she had given birth to a boy. He went to Phuket to pick up the mother and the baby. “I was so happy that I did not ask my wife [about it] just waited with the baby at a rented house, not at her relatives’ house,” Chai said.
They brought up the boy in Samut Prakan and Chai said his wife was solely responsible for enrolling the boy in school and taking him to see doctors. 
Chai said he uncovered his wife’s secret only recently when his wife went to Phuket and he wanted his son to have a national identity card, which required a birth certificate. Chai and his son decided to break into a safe where his wife kept all the family documents to get the boy’s birth certificate.
They were surprised to find that the document showed the real parents of the boy were a couple in Sakon Nakhon. 
After confronting his wife, she admitted that the boy really belonged to her friend who had six children and could not feed them all, so they gave him to her. The wife said she hid the truth from her husband because she was afraid he would not love her if she could not have a child.
The couple asked the foundation to find the biological parents of the boy so that they could officially adopt him.
Paveena said her foundation contacted a district chief of the area mentioned in the birth certificate and the boy’s real parents admitted that they gave up the boy to Chai’s wife because they were poor and had many children. 
They agreed to officially allow him to be adopted by Chai.
The teen together with Chai on Monday met with the boy's biological parents in Sakhon Nakhon and they agreed for Chai to officially their son. 

Published : May 29, 2017

By : The Nation