Sun, January 16, 2022


National Theatre bomb blast called ‘accident’ as part of strategy : City police chief

Pol Lt General Sanit Mahatavorn said on Wednesday that he wanted to strategically mislead the culprits when he initially described a bomb blast at the National Theatre as an accident involving a falling sign.

He said the strategy on May 15 was to allow police to conduct a secret investigation.
Sanit went to the scene on Monday after the sound of a blast was reported in front of the National Theatre on Rachadamneon Road.
Although two people were injured from the blast and an advertisement sign was damaged, Sanit maintained at the time that the loud noise was caused by a sign falling and shattering.
He said bomb disposal officials checked and did not find a trace of explosives at the scene.
However, on Wednesday he said that his statement was a strategy to make the bombers believe police would not pursue the investigation.
“Actually, police have secretly investigated the incident. Components of the explosives were already found at the scene that night,” he said.
At first, police could not collect evidence at the scene because there were a lot of people walking in an out of the building. But later, police blanketed the area and found components of the explosives about 30 meters from the scene.

Published : May 17, 2017