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Mae Hong Son’s council presents three-stage plan to tackle human trafficking and prostitution

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The Civic Council of Mae Hong Son, presided over by Prasert Pradit, on Friday submitted its resolution on tackling human trafficking and prostitution to deputy national police chief Srivara Ransibrahmanakul in the wake of the recent scandal.

The council wants Srivara to pass the resolution on to Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha to request the province be turned into a pilot area for the government's serious tackling of human trafficking, illegal lotteries, illicit drugs and corruption. 
The council meeting held on Thursday proposed the three phrases of problem-solving:
In the short term, victims of the forced prostitution scandal must be protected and provided with remedial measures, while fact-finding investigations must be carried out accurately and fairly to all concerned. The police investigation should be extended cover all who were involved and the media must present news in away that creates accurate understanding and leads to true tackling of the problem. 
In the medium term, there must be a process to follow up the problem-solving measures, including the scandal investigation and the prevention of a reoccurrence, a symbolic campaign against human trafficking by tradition and belief of the Mae Hong Son people. There must also be promotion of whistle-blowing by people on illegal activities in the area while the authorities must also inspect and monitor establishments known to have human trafficking issues 
In the long-term, there must be a campaign to promote accurate values that don’t undermine human dignity; the province must be supported in solving its poverty issues to become a model in social and economic development. The council also wanted a campaign against illegal lotteries and “grey” business services, as well as the monitoring of public-sector works to prevent corruption. They also wanted decentralisation of power to local bodies and more roles for the council in solving the province's various problems, while there should be stages to present issues in the province.

Published : May 05, 2017

By : The Nation