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NRSA members and how they voted on the contentious media bill 

The National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) voted on Monday to endorse the controversial media reform bill aimed at regulating the media in Thailand, despite serious concerns by media professionals and international organisations.

The draft – opposed by journalists for its capacity to undermine press freedom – would also deprive citizens of the right to information. 
Parts of the bill, proposed by an NRSA media reform panel chaired by ACM Kanit Suwannet, have stirred concern among media professionals, notably the proposal to set up a media professional council to regulate the industry and force media personnel to have licences. 
Under the initial draft, the council was empowered to issue and revoke licences. But after strong opposition, an hour before the NRSA was due to consider the draft bill on Monday, Kanit’s panel voted to remove the proposed licensing requirement and replace it with a regulation that would require certificates to be issued by media companies for their employees.
However, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday assigned government legal officials to find solutions to concerns raised by media organisations over the controversial bill.
Some 141 members of the reform assembly endorse the new media controls, while 13 voted against them and 17 others abstained.
Here is the list of NRSA members who voted yes, no, and abstain:

Kasit Piromya (no)
Kamnoon Sithisamarn (no)
Damrong Phidet (no)
Pol Lieutenant Treethot Ronritthivichai (no)
Nikorn Chamnong (no)
Prapa Hetrakul (no)
Pramon Sutheewong (no)
Wiwat Sankamthorn (no)
Worawit Srianaraksa (no)
Sroithip Traisuthi (no)
Gen Sarawut Chaloryu (no)
Surachai Danaitangtrakul (no)
Pol General Asawin Kwanmuang (no)

Lt-General Kamol Suwapab (Yes)
Krisada Jeenavijarana (Yes)
Kalin Sarasin (Yes)
Kasidet-thanathat Sekkhuntod (Yes)
Kasidit Achavakhun (Yes)
Kobkul Apagorn Na Ayuthaya (Yes)
Kobsak Pootrakool abstained
Kitti Kittichokwatana (Yes)
Kitti Pitaknitinan (Yes)
Adm Kariwut Watanatham (Yes)
Kwanchai Duangsathaporn (Yes)
ACM Kwanchai Aiemraksa (Yes)
Khemchai Chutiwong (Yes)
Lt-General Kanit Chamchantra (Yes)
ACM Kanit Suwannet (Yes)
General Kanit Utitsarn (Yes)
Kanitsorn Navanukroh (Yes)
ACM Kathathip Kunchorn Na Ayuthaya (Yes)
Kuruchit Nakornthap (Yes)
MR Chakrot Chitrapong (Yes)
General Jarukiat Chaiwong (Yes)
Jinda Wongsawat (Yes)
General Jira Komutpong (Yes)
Adm Jiraphat Pansakun (Yes)
Jumphol Sukmun (Yes)
Churairat Julchakkrawat (Yes)
Air Vice-Marshall Chalermchai Krea-ngam (Yes)
Chalermphol Prateepawanich (Yes)
Chalermsak Obsuwan (Yes)
Admiral Chanin Chunharatphan (Yes) 
Chanwit Phoncheewin (Yes)
Charlie Aiedsakul (Yes)
Pol General Chaidchai Wannasathit (Yes)
Chuchai Supawong abstained
Chuchart Insawang (Yes)
Chusak Kayvee (Yes)
General Chusak Meksuwan (Yes)
General Chusak Santiwarawut (Yes)
General Chusilp Kunathai (Yes)
Thapabut Chomsevi (Yes)
General Thitiwat Kamlang-ek (Yes)
Narong Sahametaphat (Yes)
Admiral Narongphol Na Bangchang (Yes)
Pol Colonel Naratch Sawettanan (Yes)
Dusit Krea-ngam (Yes)
Dusit Leelaphatphan (Yes)
Dechaphiwat Na Songkla (Yes)
Trakool Vinijnaiphak (Yes)
Torphong Salanon abstained
Pol General Trairat Amatayakul (Yes)
ACM Tawinanot Aungsusingha (Yes)
Taweesak Koranantakul abstained
Colonel Thanasak Mitphanon (Yes)
Thanetphol Thanaboonyawat (Yes)
Thammasak Pongpitchayamat (Yes)
General Thawatch Charuklas (Yes)
Tawatchai Terdohaothai (Yes)
Tawatchai Fakungoon (Yes)
General Tawatchai Samutsakorn (Yes)
Thanin Pha-em (Yes)
Pol Lt-General Theerachit Utama (Yes)
ACM Theeraphab Senawong (Yes)
General Nakorn Sukprasert (Yes)
Norarat Pimsen (Yes)
Ninanat Chalitanon (Yes)
Bowornwet Rungrujee (Yes)
Bancha Parameesanaphon (Yes)
Lt-General Bancha Sithiworayos (Yes)
Benchawan Sangnitorn (Yes)
Admiral Pradit Sirikupt (Yes)
Prapas Kong-aied (Yes)
Captain Prayut Sawakon (Yes)
Prasit Pathummarak (Yes)
Prakarn Cholyuth (Yes)
Preecha Bootsri (Yes)
Panthep Klanarongran (Yes)
Piyathida Praditthabatuga (Yes)
Pitipong Puengboon Na Ayuthaya (Yes)
Phanom Sornsilp (Yes)
Pornchai Trakulwaranon (Yes)
Pornthip Rojanasunan (Yes)
Pornphan Soonyaratphan (Yes)
Phahol Nanganet (Yes)
General Phophol Maneerin (Yes)
Admiral Pajun Tamprateep (Yes)
Pol Maj-General Pisit Pao-in (Yes)
Permpong Chavalit (Yes)
Phaithoon Limwatana (Yes)
Pinyo Kaewplung (Yes)
Phudit Thattiyachot (Yes)
ACM Manas Roopkhajorn (Yes)
Manu Leopairote (Yes)
Mingquan Wichayarangsarit (Yes)
Methini Thepmanee abstained
Pol Maj-General Yongyuth Sarasombath abstained
Admiral Yuthasak Sasiprapha (Yes)
Rangsan Sriworasat (Yes)
General Rajchakit Kanchanawat (Yes)
Pol General Ruangsak Jarit-ek (Yes)
Lertpanya Buranabandit (Yes)
General Lertrat Ratanavanich (Yes)
Pol General Worapong Chewapreecha (Yes)
Wannatham Kanchanasuwan abstained
General Worawit Pansamai (Yes)
Lt-General Wara Boonyasit (Yes)
Walairat Sriarun (Yes)
General Watana Sanpanich (Yes)
ACM Watana Maneenai (Yes)
Wanchai Sakudomchai (Yes)
Wanchai Sornsiri (Yes)
Wallop Pringpong (Yes)
Vichit Yathip (Yes)
Vichien Chavalit abstained
General Vichien Sirisuntorn (Yes)
Winai Dahlan (Yes)
Wiboon Sanguanpong (Yes)
Wiwat Sangsuriyachat (Yes)
General Wuttinan Leelayuth (Yes)
Waigoon Tongaram (Yes)
Sanit Saksuksri (Yes)
Sirichai Maingam abstained
Sathit Limpongpan abstained
Admiral Sathiraphan Kayanon (Yes)
Somchai Charoenchairit (Yes)
Somchai Ruchupan abstained
Somchai Phritthikan (Yes)
Lt-General Somchai Limprasert (Yes)
Somdet Nilphan (Yes)
Sompong Srakawee abstained
Sangsit Piriyarangsan abstained
Santasak Charun Ngamphichet (Yes)
Maj-General Sirawit Nakthong (Yes)
Suchon Charliekrea abstained
Sunchai Kamnoonsret (Yes)
General Suradej Guangcharoen (Yes)
Surin Chiravisit (Yes)
Admiral Surin Roengarom (Yes)
Pol General Suvira Songmetta (Yes)
Seree Suwannapanon (Yes)
Seree Atiphatta (Yes)
Anothai Ritthipanyawong (Yes)
ACM Anavil Piromrat (Yes)
Admiral Anutai Rattarangsri (Yes)
Anusawn Jirapong (Yes)
Anusit Kunakorn abstained
Apichart Jongsakul abstained
Apichat Penkitti (Yes)
Apinan Suethanuwong (Yes)
Oramon Saptaweetham (Yes)
Arun Chirachavala (Yes)
Alongkorn Ponlaboot abstained
Issara Santisas (Yes)
Akarin Lertkitchaisiri (Yes)
Abdulhalim Minsar (Yes)
Pol Lt-General Ajin Chotiwong (Yes)
Pol Lt-General Amnuay Nimmano (Yes)
Uthai Laohavichian (Yes)
General Ekachai Chansri (Yes)


Published : May 02, 2017

By : The Nation