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‘Naughty’ boys busted for vandalising classroom in Si Sa Ket

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Two schoolboys aged eight and nine have brought the word “naughty” to another level by ransacking and vandalising another school's classroom in their neighbourhood in Si Sa Ket’s Phayu district, prompting the affected school to demand almost Bt63,000 in compensation from their parents.

Following a report of the vandalism at Prathom 6 classroom at Ban Nong Moung Nong Tae School, police on Wednesday found piles of damaged books and other items strewn over the floor of the ransacked classroom. 
Watercolours and school milk were poured onto computers and smeared all over the whiteboard. 
The police probe identified the suspects as two local youths (whose names have been withheld due to their ages) who attend another school in the province’s Muang district.
The damaged school was unoccupied at the time of intrusion as staff were on a field trip. 
The two schoolboys confessed to committing the offence for fun, saying they had nothing against the school.
When police informed the boys’ construction worker parents that the school had demanded Bt62,692 in compensation, the parents cried.
They said they were poor and the “naughty” boys committed the act without fully realising the consequence.
The parents asked for a lower compensation amount.
Si Sa Ket Children and Family Home head Chanthee Sommana sent officials to conduct a fact-finding probe to provide aid the parents as per the Child Protection Act.

Published : March 16, 2017

By : The Nation