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Stressed actress ‘Patt’ focuses on birth of her baby

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ACTRESS NAPAPA “Patt” Tantrakul – who is about to give birth to her first baby – is struggling to cope with the biggest scandal of her life. Police want to question her husband Akarakit Worarojcharoendet, aka Benz Racing, on suspicion that he might have assisted an alleged Laotian drug lord with money laundering. “She is under stress,” Napapa’s manager said yesterday.

The manager also made clear that the actress would not hold any press conference on the case and she would focus on preparing to be a mother. 
“She will deliver her baby in the next 10 days,” the manager added. 
Napapa’s elder brother, Anucha Tankrakul, visited her yesterday. “I hardly know her husband. We’ve just met twice. But I hope he will show up and explain everything soon,” Anucha said. Akarakit left his home on Wednesday night.

Published : February 02, 2017