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Yankee come home!

USDA helps Greyhound Cafe discover what makes ‘America first’

THE BEST American beef, seafood, potatoes, cheese from California and juicy apples from Washington go into the amazing meals being served this month and next at all 12 Greyhound Cafe outlets around Bangkok.
The “A Taste from the Heart” menu is a delightful cuisine joint venture with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that will appeal to both local and foreign tastes. 
Executive chef Harit Vejakul points out that Greyhound Cafe has been serving delicious, hearty food prepared with prime-quality ingredients for 20 years. 

Yankee come home!

“Our patrons are discerning foodies and they look not only for the pleasure in the tastes and setting but also high quality in the ingredients. We’re delighted to team up with the USDA and showcase prime US ingredients in our unique cooking style.”

Yankee come home!

American Potato Family

You know you’re off on a fantastic dining adventure with the first appetiser, called American Potato Family (Bt200). It’s three cuts – straight, mini hash brown and basket weave – deep-fried and served with six different sauces that can be mingled as you choose. 

Yankee come home!

Double Cheese Taco

Another great starter is Double Cheese Tacos (Bt210), comprising four soft tortillas filled with five-spice stewed pork, coriander and tomato and two contrasting Californian cheeses – a sharp cheddar and cream cheese, for wonderful depth and richness.

Yankee come home!

Apple and Cheddar Salad

The truly pleasant Apple and Cheddar Salad (Bt180) is a bed of crunchy greens with rocket and mint and slices of Granny Smith Washington and Red Delicious apples, all tossed with crispy prosciutto and apple-cider dressing. Light and tasty, the apples add natural sweetness while the peppery rocket and cooling mint counterbalance the tang of the dressing.

Yankee come home!

Pork Knuckle and Mashed Potato

Pork Knuckle and Mashed Potato (Bt690) is a hearty main course. The pork is cooked Greyhound Cafe-style – deep-fried till crisp and served with both an Isaan-style dip and a spicy seafood sauce. On the side are sweet-and-sour pickled radish and cucumber, the mashed US potato and mozzarella from California. 
Creamy, rich and not at all greasy, this item is thoroughly satisfying with its heady combination of flavours. 

Yankee come home!

Cha Cha Cha Fried Rice

Rice meets US jumbo scallops in Cha Cha Cha Fried Rice (Bt430), the shellfish nicely seared, paired with thick stalks of asparagus, and tossed with well-seasoned rice, earthy julienned roots and green peppercorn. 
 Leave room for dessert – a lot of room. 

Yankee come home!

Apple Pie in Disguise

Apple Pie in Disguise (Bt250) is a hefty slice that arrives in an iron skillet. The intriguingly textured waffle that forms the basis for the “pie” is made with America’s best potatoes and milk. Alongside are a caramelised Washington apple, ice cream rendered from more Californian milk and a nice cream-cheese sauce. 

Yankee come home!

Key Lime Pie

And the Key Lime Pie (Bt180) is more than just cookie crumbles – the chef’s added a little US potato to make the crust extra smooth and give it some “stickiness”. The rich, creamy, tangy filling is topped with a fresh dollop from Yoghurt Land. 

Greyhound Cafe has branches at Central Chidlom, Central Lat Phrao, Central Plaza Pinklao, [email protected], Siam Center, J-Avenue, LA Villa Phaholyothin, the Suzuki Avenue Ratchayothin, the Crystal, the Circle Ratchapruek, the Emquartier and Mega Bangna.
“A Taste from the Heart” is |available until the end of March.
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Published : February 17, 2017

By : Manta Klangboonkrong The Sunday Nation