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Mass pledge of loyalty to Chakri dynasty

Govt officials, military officers, police and judges declare allegiance across the nation.

ABOUT 4,000 government officials pledged allegiance to the Chakri dynasty at an event held at Government House yesterday. 
“I shall be faithfully loyal to all Chakri Kings until my death,” pledged Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who presided over the event. 
“I shall also participate in national reforms and support governments that rule the country lawfully and with good governance under a constitutional monarchy for the benefit of the Thai people,” the prime minister continued. 
Taking the oath in front of a portrait of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, participants also promised to follow the law and manage national resources wisely for sustainable development in line with His Majesty’s sufficiency economy philosophy.
The event, called “Ruam Palang Haeng Kwarm Pakdee”, or “United Power of Reverence”, was held simultaneously at government offices across the nation as well as at Thai missions overseas. 
Prayut, along with other members of the Cabinet, high-ranking officials and bureaucrats from the PM’s Office, attended the Government House event. 
The occasion was held to demonstrate reverence toward the dynasty that has ruled the country for more than 230 years as well as in remembrance of the late monarch. 
“We felt like His Majesty was right there in front of us and we sincerely meant it when we sang the Royal Anthem. The words were exactly what we wanted to say to His Majesty,” the prime minister’s deputy secretary-general Nicha Hiranburana Thuvatham said. “Tears were falling down my cheeks throughout the event. We shall be loyal to the Chakri dynasty to our deaths.” 
Similar oath-taking rituals took place in other parts of the country. At the Royal Thai Army headquarters, Army chief General Chalermchai Sittisart led soldiers, their spouses and other people in paying respects in front of a portrait of His Majesty and pledging allegiance. 
He later told the press: “His Majesty will remain in our hearts forever. During his reign, the King worked hard for his people, initiating 4,600 projects for their well-being.” 
Chalermchai said yesterday’s event gave him and other people an opportunity to promise to be good citizens and followers of His Majesty’s philosophy. 
“We shall follow his guidance,” he said, adding that he had already instructed military personnel to support plans for royally initiated study centres. 
 In Sanam Luang, Maj-General Pongsawat Punnachit, deputy director of the Joint Administration of Security and Order Maintaining for the Grand Palace Vicinity and the First Army Area; Pol Maj-General Wichanwat Borirakkul, Metropolitan Police Division 1; and Prinya Thaewanarumitkul, Thammasat University’s vice rector and director of the Volunteers for Dad group, led officials, volunteers and mourners in taking the pledge.
Sanam Luang continued to be crowded with black-clad mourners yesterday as people flocked to the area to pay their respects to the King. 
At the Central Government Complex, Supreme Court president Teerapol Tuhnsuwan led about 3,000 judges, public prosecutors and judicial officials in taking a similar pledge. 
In Phichit province, Sraluang Pittayakhom School had more than 1,500 students and teachers clean roads around the school in tribute to His Majesty. 
In Narathiwat province, more than 5,000 officials, members of the public and students gathered at the provincial stadium to show their loyalty to the King. At the event, they formed a message in tribute to the late monarch, sang songs in his honour and pledged their loyalty. They also observed 89 seconds of silence in memory of the late King. 
His Majesty passed away peacefully in his 89th year on October 13, plunging the nation into grief. 
Overseas, ambassadors and consuls-general led events honouring His Majesty and pledged loyalty to the Chakri dynasty. Similar events had already been held in London, Berlin, Chennai, New Delhi, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Warsaw, Bahrain and Moscow. 
Even though temperatures dropped to negative 2 degrees Celsius in Moscow, officials participated in the oath-taking ritual. 

Published : November 22, 2016