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‘Innovation’ new hallmark for residential projects

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ORIGIN PROPERTY and Eastern Star Real Estate plan to launch residential projects worth Bt18 billion this year that will transcend the old marketing maxim of location, quality and price.

“These three factors seem to be a must. What each developer will stand out on is the development of innovation and after-sales service as strengths to satisfy new generations of consumers,” Peerapong Jaroon-Ek, chief executive officer of Origin, said yesterday.
Origin has lined up nine projects worth Bt15 billion, while Eastern Star has prepared three projects valued at Bt3 billion. 
Origin is also set to go ahead with its 2017 target to become “Your Digital Butler”.
Origin, which develops condominiums under the “Night Bridge”, “Notting Hill” and “Kensington” brands, targets sales of Bt13 billion this whole year.
Earlier, the property market competed on the three factors but, from now on, these factors will not be sufficient to meet consumers’ demand, he said. 
 “A butler is a service provider in British society. We are not the normal butler but we are a butler with innovation, which applies digital technology in services. 
“This is our new strength that will help us to grow with sustainability,” Peerapong said.
Based on this concept, the company will provide service applications for consumers with a digital lifestyle, while providing hotel services with efficient safety. 
It will also join hands with its partners to provide privileges for condo residents. 
‘Family Club Card’
Recently, the company teamed up with Rabbit Card provider Bangkok Smart Card System Co to introduce the “Origin Family Club Card”, which can be used for condos and Skytrains with points collected for privileges. 
After the introduction of the card today, Origin will launch its smartphone app “Origin Digital Butler” to facilitate condo residents.
Origin recorded sales of Bt10.84 billion in 2016. This year’s target is to grow sales by 20 per cent to Bt13 billion and to net Bt6 billion. The company’s backlog is at 77 per cent. 
Eastern Star’s 2017 goals are set at Bt2.2 billion of revenue and Bt1 billion of sales, managing customer needs (Customer focus), managing director Torsak Lertsrisakulrat told a press conference. 
The company’s three new projects are in Bangkok and Rayong. 
It will adjust it management team and align working processes to be more robust to grow capability and support growth, he said. 
The company’s existing active projects for sale in Bangkok are the Bt3.8-billion Star View, a condominium with a Chao Phraya River view, Bt2.4-billion Nara 9 and Bt2-billion Amber condominium.

Published : January 31, 2017