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High-rise developer claims compliance with orders from 

BALI  HAI Company, developer of the Waterfront Suites, has complied with all laws and regulations and vows good cooperation with the local community to make the Waterfront Pattaya a new city landmark, company director Lior Windenfeld said.

Construction of the project has resumed after the City of Pattaya temporarily halted it pending resubmission of the environment impact assessment (EIA) report. 
As ordered by the city, the height of the building is being reduced from the 53 floors originally planned to 45 storeys, parking facilities are to be improved, and construction materials from the demolished upper floors are to be brought safely to the |ground without damaging the environment. 
Windenfeld said the management had in good faith sought advice and guidance from Pattaya City and the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning to map out an action plan to solve the pending issues. 
“We have discussed with local community leaders their concerns on the environment impacts and welcome suggestions to make this project a pride of Pattaya.” 
He said removing the top eight floors would greatly reduce the income the company would earn from the project. However, the fact that Bali Hai had cooperated with the authorities “demonstrates our commitment to deliver only the best possible high-quality project with fullest compliance to country codes and regulations”, and to a sustainable relationship with “our friendly local community”. 
All instructions from Pattaya City, including provision of 150 parking spaces and use of leading-edge technology to remove the top floors and lower the discarded material to the ground, have been followed, he said. This will be reported in the EIA presentation.
“We are confident that, once complete, the Waterfront Pattaya will be a proud landmark of Pattaya City, something we all could be very proud of.” 

Published : December 06, 2016