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The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission yesterday obtained almost Bt58 million from the first auction of auspicious mobile phone numbers.

The money was generated from the auction of nine numbers.
Those numbers are 09-8888-8888; 09-5555-555; 06-5555-5555; 09-7777-7777; 09-6666-6666; 09-4444-4444; 06-1111-1111; 09-1111-1111; and 09-0000-0000.
The NBTC will transfer the money, minus expenses, to the state coffers.
The 09-8888-8888 number attracted most bidders, with the bid price starting from Bt6 million and surging to Bt 8.1 million in the final round. 
No one bid for the two platinum numbers – 08-8888-8888 and 09-9999-9999, which started at Bt20 million.
There were a total of 10 bidders, with most mobile-phone number dealers. 
Other bidders did not disclose their names.
There were 16 numbers put up for auction.
Fourteen of the numbers started at Bt6 million.
The auction was open to all interested parties including corporate companies and individuals not on a financial blacklist.
Each bid winner has to pay the money to the NBTC within 30 days.
Takorn Tantasith, the NBTC secretary-general, said the agency plans to hold another auction for the numbers not bought yesterday and for six and seven-digit numbers by the end of the first quarter next year.
There are 490,000 numbers in the system, which the NBTC will gradually allocate for future bids.

Published : November 27, 2016

By : Usanee Mongkolporn, The Nation