Wed, July 06, 2022


Grab cooperates with Singapore government on smart traffic management

RIDE-HAILING service Grab is cooperating with the Singaporean government in a bid for an intelligent traffic-management system in the city-state, where Grab is based.

“When people use our services they will reduce the use of their own cars, [which will] remove a number of cars from the road, and this will also reduce pollution in the country. 
“This is the way we [are cooperating] with Singapore’s government to serve the country’s transportation development,” Grab Singapore head Lim Kell Jay told a news conference yesterday.
Liu Feng Yuan, director of data science at the Government Technology Agency of Singapore, said yesterday that it was government policy to establish a smart city by combining digital platforms to develop the country’s infrastructure system.
The country needs an intelligent transportation system that uses more databases and software to manage traffic, both private cars and public transport, Liu said.
“We are collaborating with all private firms that offer digital platforms to serve our traffic management and transportation system. Grab is one of them collaborating with us,” he said.
Lim said: “We introduced our application in Singapore [in] 2014 as GrabTaxi. Now we offer GrabCar, GrabHitch, GrabShare, GrabCoach and GrabShuttle to support the transportation system in Singapore.” 
He said these services were helping reduce the number of cars in Singapore “following the country’s policy to be a smart nation”.
Currently, Singapore has of population 5.5 million on land area of 791.1 square kilometres. 
Roads take up about 12 per cent of its total land, while another 14 per cent is under residential use.
Many Singaporeans use GrabHitch, a non-commercial social carpooling app, to share their cars with others who need to travel the same route. 
Meanwhile GrabShare is a commercial carpool service, GrabCoach is for group transportation, and GrabShuttle collaborates with the Government Technology Agency to make door-to-door transport affordable and easily accessible to people who live far from the city centre. 
Within two months after the company launched GrabShare in Singapore last year, it provided 2 million rides, Lim said.

Published : June 07, 2017