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Business France Thailand, NIA push IoT innovation

The National Innovation Agency is working with Business France Thailand to promote the Internet of Things (IoT).

Pun-arj Chairatana, director of the NIA, said the collaboration would enable the creation of IoT and other innovations to support the establishment of smart cities and “innovation districts”. 
The collaboration will focus on three areas: start-ups, business matching, and technology and innovation. Meanwhile, it will facilitate business matching between French and Thai businesses for technology transfer and joint investment. 
“We will act as facilitators to help both French and Thai start-ups run their businesses in Thailand so that they will able to improve their efficiency and productivity,” Pun-arj said.
He added that the collaboration would also create business and innovation clusters between French and Thai businesses to support various projects such as start-up districts in Bangkok and upcountry. 
The NIA plans to develop 13 innovation districts by utilising technology and innovation engagement. 
Jean-Francois Goumy, the country director of Business France Thailand, said the collaboration was the first concrete step towards showcasing cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of Thai industries, reflecting the comprehensive nature of the IoT transformation in Thailand. 
With estimates forecasting about 80 billion connected objects in the world by 2020, the IoT is promising to be one of the most disruptive technologies across all industries by allowing ubiquitous collection and analysis of data from energy and water management to transportation, manufacturing, distribution and healthcare. 
It will not only affect consumers, but also the entire value chain of goods, the management of resources, urban planning and even public policies.
Thailand boasts good infrastructure and production capabilities that give weight to its ambition to embrace the IoT revolution, consistent with the “Thailand 4.0” plan and the launch of several smart-city initiatives in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. 
However, the massive change implied by the wave of devices and sensors connected to networks still raises many challenges, Goumy said.
He added that France had emerged in recent years as the cradle for groundbreaking IoT solution providers. Along with famous start-ups like Sigfox, its industrial champions have now become leading software producers and operators, in the field of 3D modelling like Dassault Systemes, cybersecurity like Thales, or data management for Engie, all having more and more dedicated applications for the Internet of Things. 
French and Thai industries have everything to win in a closer collaboration that would leverage IoT technology for the benefit of society, driven by the transformative effort of Thai public authorities, he said. 

Published : April 04, 2017