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Amway sees 5% growth on back of new beauty solution drive 

AMWAY (Thailand) confidently expects sales of more than Bt17.2 billion, representing 5-per-cent growth this year, after launching a new campaign highlighting products from its supplementary and cosmetics brands – Nutrilite and Artistry. 

“Healthy You, Beautiful You, Perfect You” is a new campaign and strategy aimed at meeting the growing trend of health and beauty, for which Amway business owners have been encouraged to achieve goals under the “Be Product of Product” concept to show the effectiveness of the company’s offerings. 
Managing director Kittawat Ritteerawee said yesterday that the strategy answered consumers’ yearning for a healthy and beautiful appearance. 
The current trend showed people’s passion to be healthy inside out; that is, being healthy with good shape and having a beautiful appearance, he said.
With the new strategy, the company expects sales to soar past Bt17.2 billion this year, and demand to be stimulated in the upcoming year too, he added.
The Nutrilite and Artistry brands highlighted in the campaign account for 64 per cent of the company’s sales, Kittawat said.
Ratana Channara, marketing director of Amway (Thailand), explained that the campaign comprised three major parts, as its title suggested. 
The first part – “Healthy You” – celebrates a major success for the company and highlights the use of BodyKey, a Nutrilite food supplement, as an assistant in cutting calories and losing weight. 
Between January and September this year, sales under the “Healthy You” project had already reached Bt1.348 billion, she said.
She described the second part – “Beautiful You” – as an advanced step stemming from the first element.
It features products from the company’s Artistry beauty line to help take care of skin issues to enhance customers’ beauty, besides being in good shape and healthy, she added.
“Perfect You”, meanwhile, is based on the Amway “Be Product of Product” concept. 
There are now more than 330,000 families of Amway business owners in Thailand and if all of them passed the first two parts of the campaign by achieving their health and beauty goals, they would be able to impress others and customers would have even greater |confidence in Amway products |and brands, the marketing director said. 
“An integrated marketing-communication campaign will be launched supporting the ‘Healthy You, Beautiful You, Perfect You’ strategy. Amway will reach out to both online and offline communities of consumers, each with their specific needs, and this will stimulate user experience-sharing. 
“Such a strategy in fact can be applied to the distribution of various other Amway products, too. Given that Amway products boost |well-recognised quality and efficiency, we can definitely present them as solutions to deliver clear, tangible results for our customers,” Ratana said.

Published : October 18, 2016