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Switch to full organic output pays off for Foodle Noodle

AMID RISING general awareness over consumer health and the problem of contaminants in food, Foodle Noodle Co Ltd last year fully switched over to the production of organic dried-rice noodles for both the export and domestic markets.

General manager Vipada Plathanaporn said that during the first few years after its establishment in 2010, the company had produced traditional, non-organic dried-rice noodles.
However, due to rising concerns about pesticides contaminating rice, the company decided in 2013 to switch its focus to the production of organic noodles so that it could penetrate overseas markets more easily, and generate more income.
After facing initial problems, Pathum Thani-based Foodle Noodle spent a further couple of years completing the transformation process, and now solely produces organic-rice noodles, she said.
It currently has contract-farming arrangements with about 2,000 farmers, who grow only organic rice in the northeastern, northern and central regions.
Vipada added that following the switch to 100-per-cent organic production, the company’s sales had shot up from Bt8 million under the old system in 2014 to Bt12 million last year, with a further solid rise expected this year.
“The sales of the company have doubled since the change to organic production. The overall market has responded very well to our organic products. Despite the slowdown in global economic growth, sales of organic products have increased during the past several years,” the GM said. The general domestic market price of normal dried-rice noodle is Bt25 per pack, while organic noodles fetch Bt50 per pack, which means the company now enjoys better income, quality manufacturing and is also able to provide a good standard living for its contract farmers, she explained.
The company ships its organic dried noodles to many markets, including the European Union, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, while distributing its products in the domestic market via modern trade outlets and organic stores such as Lemon Farm.
The company has achieved its recent level of success by being able to market its organic noodles as containing no added preservatives, and no chemical substances.
Having graduated in food science, Vipada adapted her knowledge to develop the company’s production line for organic noodles.
Although its noodles have no chemicals or added preservatives, they can be kept for up to two years, she said.
Moreover, every stage of the process – from organic-rice farming, organic-rice milling through to final organic production – has been certified by IFOAM – Organics International, while the company’s noodles are also gluten free and there are no potential allergy ingredients used in the production area, she added.
Foodle Noodle’s 100-per-cent organic range comprises both white and brown rice noodles, as well as red rice and black rice varieties.

Published : August 19, 2016