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Bid to share the rewards of growth

Kunming city may host the 2017 South and Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair but Yunnan province has no intention of leaving poorer prefectures behind.

At the press conference to launch the Fair before a hundred local and international media, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture was given a chance to present itself as another ideal investment destination.
The information on Chuxiong, which sits in the middle of Yunnan with a popuฌlation of 2.73 million, provides a good example of China’s efforts to deal with inequity and poorer areas of the country.
Chuxiong officials project their prefecture as another economic gateway in Yunnan with vast copper, titanium, zinc and iron resources, and 6,000 plant species. It also houses the MyanmarChina oil pipeline.
The officials declared the budget spent on poverty reduction via the number of villages, targeted to deal with inequality; the share of income between the urban and rural population, and what it expects in contribution to the prefecture’s growth because of the ambitious One Belt One Road project via South and Southeast Asia. 
They declared prefecture government service reform with changes in laws to achieve clean governance, boost efficiency and a economic level playing field. In all endeavours, it will attain ethnic solidarity.
They disclosed data on progress with Alibaba ecommerce to get local firms on the world business map.


Published : June 18, 2017

By : The Nation