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Poll finds majority of respondents not aware of Prayut government deeds

Only 20 per cent of people surveyed in a new Suan Dusit poll said they knew what the Prayut government has accomplished.

Suan Dusit conducted the survey this week to see the extent of people’s awareness about the Prayut government’s work. Around 1,100 respondents nationwide were asked whether or not they knew what the government was working on. The poll found that only 20 per cent said they were aware, attributing it to closely following political issues. 
Over half of respondents said they knew about the government’s work to some extent, and around eight per cent said they did not know what the government has accomplished because they did not closely follow issues.
Asked what government actions they know about the most, nearly 80 per cent of respondents identified corruption suppression. Around 75 per cent were aware of registration of the poor, while nearly 70 per cent knew about the high-speed train project.
Some people said they want the government to better inform citizens about Thailand 4.0, the new charter and the election, and educational reform.
Asked what work they viewed as the most important achievement of this government, around 85 per cent chose corruption suppression, followed by forest encroachment suppression, and transportation development. Respondents suggested the government is not sufficiently tackling the economy, military budget, or enforcement of Article 44 on social issues.
On balance, respondents thought the government has done a good job as much as a bad job.

Published : July 08, 2017

By : The Nation