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Amnart Charoen woman pregnant two years after vasectomy

A woman in Amnart Charoen has filed a complaint after she become pregnant two years after she received a vasectomy at the provincial hospital.

Doctor Napaporn Kiartdamrong, acting director of the Amnart Charoen Hospital, visited the woman, Somjai Chitawong in Mueng district on Friday after she filed a complaint with the provincial complaints centre.
Napaporn said the hospital had checked and confirmed that Somjai had received a vasectomy but her case was a medical incident that could occur in three in every 1,000 women.
The director said Somjai’s cut tube reconnected itself, causing her to become pregnant.
Napaporn said the hospital would shoulder all the cost for Somjai’s pregnancy care and the delivery cost as compensation.

Published : July 07, 2017

By : The Nation