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Slain suspected insurgent ‘warned three times to surrender’

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Video circulating in the deep South shows state officials visiting suspected insurgent Lukman Mading at his home on three separate occasions this year and urging him to surrender. 

The 29-year-old failed to submit to court warrants and on Friday night was shot dead in a gun battle with police and soldiers in Yala’s Raman district.
Sitthisak Janebanjong, commander of the 41st Ranger Regiment Task Force, said on Monday there were three video clips showing authorities warning him that failure to answer summonses would lead to more serious legal action. 
The videos show security officials visiting Lukman’s house in Tambon Tha Thong on March 13, May 4 and May 23 in a bid to get his wife and other family members to talk him into surrendering. 
Lukman was the subject of five arrest warrants for violent attacks, dated December 10, 2013; December 17, 2014; and March 23, May 10 and December 29 last year. 
On Friday evening soldiers and police surrounded a house in Tambon Buemung after being tipped off that Lukman was hiding there. 
Police claim the suspect shot at them during negotiations and they briefly returned fire. They said Lukman’s body was then found behind the house, a 9mm pistol in his hand.
Sitthisak said the suspect’s relatives “seemed to understand” the necessity for tough enforcement of the law and did not show animosity. 
Gunfire damage to the house was assessed and assistance was offered for repairs, Sittisak said. 
The owners were taken to Ingkhayuth Camp in Pattani for questioning and could be charged with harbouring a fugitive, he said.

Published : July 03, 2017

By : The Nation