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Pattani Big C ready to reopen after car-bomb attack

The Big C department store in the deep southern province of Pattani will partly reopen on Tuesday after being hit by a car bomb last week.

The announcement came after the provincial public works department confirmed the strength of the store’s structure. Damage to the store caused by the attack last Tuesday was estimated to be more than Bt10 million.
The reopening will only affect the main area of the story, while the canteen and smaller outlets require further renovation, which could take about a month.
The department store will also review parking lot and traffic measures, including the prohibition of parking cars near the store’s main buildings.
On Tuesday, a stolen pickup rigged with explosives was parked at the entrance to the store. Insurgents triggered firecrackers inside to force people to run to the entrance where the car was parked.
However, store security guards had seen the car parked at the entrance and evacuated many people to other areas before the second bomb went off.
The store’s management team on Sunday held a meeting with the provincial administration, police and soldiers to design emergency measures and conduct a drill.

Published : May 14, 2017

By : The Nation