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Briton found dead in Chon Buri

A British man who has been teaching English in Chon Buri was found dead in a house he was renting on Saturday morning.

His interpreter and her husband, who live in the same house with Bryan Patrick Ranger, 51, found the body and alerted police at 9.30am.
Ranger rented a house in Panthong district. He hired Tanannat Siyango, 30, from Khon Kaen, as his personal interpreter.
He had been teaching English at the house since January.
Tananat said she talked to the Briton at 10pm on Friday night and went to bed but he did not answer knocking on his door in the morning so she and her husband broke the door in and found the body.
She said Ranger told her that he had heart problem and needed to take medicine regularly.
Police said there were no traces of fighting in the room and no trace of injury on his body. It was sent for an autopsy at Panthong hospital.

Published : April 29, 2017

By : The Nation