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American found dead in Nong Khai rented house

A 63-year-old US national was found dead Monday afternoon in a rented house in Nong Khai’s Mueang district, police said.

The owner of the house, Panja Fries, 47, alerted police to the body at 1pm.
Daniel Barcelona, who had suffered head injuries, was found naked inside a bathroom. His trousers had been left in front of the bathroom.
An on-duty doctor from Nong Khai Hospital who inspected the scene with police said he believed the American had been dead for about a day before his body was found.
Panja told police that she had last seen the man on Saturday. She then came to check the house on Monday and saw that door had been left open and the TV and fan were both on. She therefore entered the house, where she found the body.
Police suspect that the American might have fallen and hit his head on a concrete edge inside the bathroom when he rushed inside to answer a call of nature.
They said they would alert the US Embassy so that the deceased’s relatives could be contacted about reclaiming the body.

Published : April 17, 2017

By : The Nation