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Jobs a key plank in Thai recovery, World Bank says

CREATING more jobs while upgrading the country’s skills base against the backdrop of improved regional connectivity is one of the ways that Thailand can restart its economic engine, the World Bank has said in a .report.


The institution also says the country should promote more competition through free-trade agreements and enable industries to upgrade and innovate. 
The recommendations come as part of a raft of measures advocated in the report.
“Thailand is a country of vast potential,” said Ulrich Zachau, the World Bank’s country director for Southeast Asia. 
“The report identifies policies that will create more opportunities for more Thais to earn and live productive lives, give children from poor families a chance to grow into a life of prosperity and develop a smart social protection system to support vulnerable people when they get old, fall sick or lose their jobs.”

Published : March 13, 2017

By : The Natio