Sun, August 14, 2022


TrueVision to pay extra compensation for HBO cancellation 

TRUEVISIONS will pay additional compensation to around 1,000 the subscribers who exited its platinum and gold packages during January 1 to 25, after the company’s cancellation of six HBO channels on December 31, said Natee Sukonrat, chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission’s broadcasting committee.

The broadcasting committee day voted three to one to order TrueVisions to pay add-on compensation to those exiting subscribers. Then it called in TrueVisions to ask if it agreed with the conclusion. 
True chief content and media officer Birathon Kasemsri na Ayudhaya said the company agreed with the panel’s resolution.
“We always welcome fair decisions from the regulator,” Birathon said. 
Nateed added that the company had to inform their exiting subscribers within 30 days on the extra compensation after the panel’s decision. The subscribers will be required to detail their membership number and bank account information to TrueVisions to get compensation. 
The calculation for the compensation is based on the monthly fees for the platinum and gold packages – Bt2,155 and Bt1,568, respectively. For a platinum subscriber who cancelled their membership on January 20, their compensation will be based on the average daily package price times over the first 20 days from January 1.

Published : February 20, 2017