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Thai employees seek more travel opportunities through work

Almost 50 per cent of Thais would accept a lower paying job if they could travel more for work, research showed on Thursday.

Conducted by for Business, the research showed 43 per cent of Thai business travellers would accept a lower paying job if it meant they could travel more for work. The figure was 13 per cent higher than the global average of 30 per cent.  
These findings reflected a broader trend that revealed that employees were increasingly blurring the line between business and leisure. Data showed that nearly three quarters, or 71 per cent, of Thai business travellers extended business trips to a different city or country in the past 12 months, the highest of all countries researched, with 37 per cent claiming they intended to do the same in 2017.  
The trend looks set to continue in the coming year, with 46 per cent of those surveyed believing they would travel more for business in 2017 than they did in 2016, the survey showed.
Ripsy Bandourian, director of product development at for Business, said it was no longer seen as lost time or a career inconvenience as business travel was increasingly seen as an opportunity to expand horizons, find inspiration and progress in a career. 
Today’s employees are increasingly mobile and fluid with their travel plans, looking to strike a balance between business and leisure travel.
As such, staff expected employers to keep pace with their needs for greater flexibility and were even prepared to negotiate salaries to do so, he said. 
Among the top 10 fastest-growing business travel destinations, Bangkok was ranked third after Shanghai and Tokyo.

Published : January 26, 2017

By : The Nation