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TUESDAY, October 04, 2022
Myanmar kids being cyber-bullied: report

Myanmar kids being cyber-bullied: report

MONDAY, January 09, 2017

A report of Telenor Myanmar unveils that children are under threat of cyber-bullying.

The report surveyed 12,368 Telenor subscribers and staff members in 2016 and learned that 25 per cent of the adult respondents said they had seen kids being cyber-bullied, and 23 per cent of the children said they believed the issue was serious.

The report also found that 11 per cent of the child respondents said they had been cyber-bullied or were familiar with underage victims of cyber-bulling.

Telenor conducted the surveys in 12 other countries where its services are available besides Myanmar.

Telenor Myanmar said it would educate at least 50,000 people across the country this year in using the internet safely.

“The internet has changed daily lifestyles. People in developed countries have known the benefits of the internet decades earlier than most people in Myanmar do. We’re trying to educate Myanmar citizens in using the internet for social and economic opportunities. Telenor believes with an appropriate education users will be able to make use of the benefits available on the internet,” said Min Thu, head of business sustainability at Telenor Myanmar.

An official at Telenor Myanmar said: “Our report unveiled users, especially children, have a lot to learn about staying online safely. We will try to cooperate with the government on educating on this issue more widely in 2017.”