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Asia’s most visited countries  

China is the top most travel destination in Asia for the world's tourists, according to the latest figures published by the World Bank.

83 ​million ​tourists visited China in 2014 making country as the first among the ten most visited countries in Asia.​ Since 2008 Olympics in Beijing, tourism is a national priority in China. China is promoting tourism as a comprehensive industry and an important driving force for economic development.

While as for this year, the China National Tourism Administration, the Chinese government authority responsible for the development of tourism in the country, says first nine months of 2016 saw 956 million international tourist arrivals..

The World Bank has ranked Malaysia as second most visited country in Asia. In 2014, 27 million 27,437,000 tourists visited the country known for its unique diversity.

Asia’s most visited countries  

Under the Malaysia Tourism Transformation Plan, Malaysia has identified tourism as a key growth area to transform the country into a high-income nation by 2020 having target of 36 million tourist arrivals. 

Thailand is ranked third tourists destination in Asia with 24 million tourists visited the country in 2014. At present, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, 22.4 million international tourists visited the country between January to August 2016, generating around 31.2 billion US dollars. 

India, the world second most populous country is at the 9th place with 7 million tourists visiting the country in 2014 while as 4 ​million ​tourists visited the Philippines which figures at 10th place in the World Bank ranking.

South Korea with 14 ​million ​tourists arrivals is at the fourth place, Japan with 13 million ​is ​at 5th, Singapore with 11 million ​is ​at 6th, Indonesia with 9 million​ is  at 7th and Vietnam with 7,874,00 ​is ​at 8th place ​according to the World ​Bank​ data.

Published : November 13, 2016