Mon, July 04, 2022


Thais warned of Libya job scam 

The Employment Department has warned people to beware of false promises of jobs in Libya, where civil unrest still rages.

"Because of safety concerns, the Labour Ministry has barred Thais from working there,” the department’s director-general Singhadet Chu-umnart said Friday. 
He issued the warning after receiving a report that six Thais were lured into paying Bt80,000 each to an illicit agent, arriving in Libya on a tourist visa, and not getting a job. 
“Our office in Saudi Arabia has reported that these workers are also forced to stay inside narrow rooms and are given limited food as they wait for any employer to turn up,” Singhadet said. “These workers want to return to Thailand but at this point, they can’t leave Libya yet. They won’t get their money back either.” 

Published : November 11, 2016

By : The Nation