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Amnuay criticized teenagers for showing disrespect to mourning ground

Deputy Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Governor Pol Lt Gen Amnuay Nimmano Saturday criticized teenagers who came to the Grand Palace to take selfie shots early Saturday.

Amnuay said the group arrived in weird costumes just to take selfie with the Grand Palace as the background to show off the photos on social networks.
“I encountered it myself. At 2 am, teenagers gathered in front of the Grand Palace. They were in weird dress. They took selfie shots using the Grand Palace as background to boast in social networks,” Amnuay said.
“This was not inappropriate act. This ground is sacred and a lot of people came here to pay respects to His Majesty, not to take selfies for showing off.”
He said the Culture Ministry would be told take action against the selfie-shot takers at the Grand Palace.

Published : October 29, 2016

By : The Nation