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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
No order to remove His Majesty’s portraits and drawing pictures: Sansern

No order to remove His Majesty’s portraits and drawing pictures: Sansern

SUNDAY, October 16, 2016
5.8 k

The government has not ordered officials to remove portraits and drawing pictures of His Majesty the King from signs or any place as rumoured in social media, Government Spokesman Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said Sunday.

Sansern said no order has been given to move His Majesty’s pictures from in front of government offices, state firms, private firms, intersections or people’s residents as rumored although some pictures have been removed.
He explained that His Majesty’s pictures were removed from some signs because the officials were ordered to correctly decorate the pictures to show respect to the late King.
The spokesman said the mourning period is the time for putting up His Majesty’s pictures and the proper pictures should show His Majesty in fully-decorated Palace costume. But the pictures needed to be removed to be decorated with black and white clothes before being refitted to the signs, Sansern said.
He said some government agencies might misunderstand the order and just removed the pictures so they were given the order to repost the pictures as soon as possible.
“The prime minister has instructed them to get it done because this issue affected the feelings of all Thais,” Sansern said.
He said the flags that displayed the emblem for celebrating His Majesty’s reign or birthday anniversary needed to be moved to show respect and sorrow over the departure of His Majesty.
“I would like to call on those who do not know the truth not to imagine the things and spread misunderstanding,” Sansern said.
He added that if members of the public have any doubt they can cal 1111 hot line for clarification from the Government House officials.