Sun, August 14, 2022


Vaccine offers protection against smallpox, monkeypox

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A new vaccine could help fight the third generation of smallpox and monkeypox, a leading virologist explained.

Dr Yong Poovorawan posted on his Facebook on Wednesday that vaccine manufacturer Bavarian Nordic had come up with the MVA-BN vaccine from Modified vaccinia Ankara, modified from vaccinia virus. It is a live, non-replicating vaccine for smallpox and monkeypox.

The vaccine is administered by subcutaneous injection to create immunity, but it will not cause pustules. It is as efficient as vaccines in the past, he said.

It could be administered to people with low immunity while it is not completely forbidden for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

People will be administered two doses at an interval of four weeks between each dose. However, people who have been vaccinated against smallpox only need one dose of the vaccine.

People who have been infected could receive the vaccine within four days to prevent the disease or reduce the symptoms.

The vaccine is called Imvanex in Europe and Jynneos in the US, but it has not been registered yet in Thailand.

Published : June 02, 2022