Tue, August 09, 2022


Reduce outdoor workouts to avoid heatstroke: Health Department

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The Department of Health suggested people avoid exercising outdoors for extended periods this summer to avoid heatstroke.

Deputy director-general Dr Montien Kanasawad said on Tuesday that the continuously increasing temperature would cause people who exercise outdoors for an extended period to suffer from dehydration and risk heatstroke.

He explained that people who suffer heatstroke will have no sweat but their temperature will increase, while people with heat exhaustion will witness excessive sweating.

Symptoms of heatstroke are being extremely thirsty, fatigued, experiencing nausea, vomitting, having a headache or low blood pressure, being light-headed and rapid breathing.

In severe cases, it might lead to delirium, seizure, unconsciousness, liver or kidney failure, or rapid heartbeat causing shock. It could also lead to a coma or death.

He advised people who exercise outdoors to reduce their workout times, especially when the weather is hot between 11am and 3pm. He also suggested wearing loose clothes for added cooling.

Published : March 16, 2022