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TUESDAY, September 27, 2022
Hospitals to start maintaining health records of smokers

Hospitals to start maintaining health records of smokers

TUESDAY, February 08, 2022

Hospital will soon maintain files on smokers to facilitate better treatment, Dr. Piyawan Limpanyalert, director of the Institute for Hospital Quality Assurance (Public Organisation), revealed.

He said the Hospital and Health Service Standard No. 5 (HA) requires that medical providers in hospitals record the smoking history of all patients. Patients who smoke must be identified for diagnosis on nicotine dependence and must have a plan for quitting smoking by means of education, smoking cessation programme, etc.

"After recording the patient's case history, doctors and nurses will create learning, diagnosis and continuous care planning for patients diagnosed with nicotine addiction and linked to various important diseases," said Piyawan.

The 2011 Global Survey on Smoking Behaviour of Thai Population found 13 million smokers, of whom 34.6 per cent, or 4.1 million, received medical care in one year, and 65.3 per cent, or 2.6 million, received intensive medical care. The smoking history of 55.8 per cent were recorded. Some 1.45 million, or slightly more than one-third of the 4.1 million, were advised to quit smoking.

Currently, Thailand has 10 million smokers and according to the report of the Thai People's Health Examination Survey No. 6, 2019, there are over 2 million people with diabetes and blood pressure who still smoke.