Fri, August 19, 2022


Toddlers must also be jabbed to boost herd immunity, advises virologist

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Chulalongkorn University’s virology specialist Dr Yong Poovorawan on Wednesday suggested that Covid-19 jabs be provided to children aged three and above in a bid to create herd immunity.

"Even though children may not develop severe symptoms, they should not be virus carriers," he said.

Separately, he said the Sinovac-AstraZeneca cocktail dose provided as much immunity as two AstraZeneca doses, citing a study on 70 to 80 people.

Also, he said, the Sinovac-AstraZeneca cocktail can be administered within a three-week interval compared to the eight or 10-week interval for two AstraZeneca doses.

Dr Yong added that 190 of the 500 medical staff who had received an AstraZeneca booster after getting two Sinovac jabs had 100 times more antibodies than they did with two Sinovac jabs.

He said that the 190 medics may be almost 100 per cent protected against the Covid-19 Delta variant but not against the Beta variant.

He added that compared to Sinovac, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines provide 17 times more immunity and AstraZeneca nine times more immunity.

Published : August 26, 2021