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To oppose 97% per cent of scientists, you need evidence

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Re: “Greenpeace, stick with pollution not globalist policies”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

The telltale sign that JC Wilcox is a crackpot is that he states his opinions as proven facts. Either he knows he is lying or he’s ignorant.
In his latest letter he says that science has proven there is no such thing as man-made global warming. When 97 per cent of scientists who have been published on this subject say that man-made global warming is real, what evidence does Wilcox have that the other 3 per cent of scientists have proven them wrong?
Of course we have a right to disagree with even 99.99 per cent of scientists. But if you do so and you don’t back up what you say with evidence then you can not expect to be taken seriously.
Incidentally, I noticed Wilcox no longer writes letters about how wonderful the junta is. Perhaps he now realises his glowing views of the junta – like his views on other issues except vegetarianism – are based on nothing more than his delusions.
Eric Bahrt
Chiang Mai

Published : June 26, 2019