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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
Far from covering up ‘grooming’ gangs, mainstream media exposed them

Far from covering up ‘grooming’ gangs, mainstream media exposed them

SUNDAY, June 02, 2019
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Re: “Pull your snouts out of the mainstream-media trough”, Letters, June 1-2.

I am grateful to Nigel Pike for pointing out my error in stating that Steven Yaxley-Lennon is a member of the UK Independence Party. I suspect that my lazy thinking was due to the fact that Yaxley-Lennon and Ukip both espouse similar political views which, fortunately, have again been rejected by the vast majority of the British electorate.
As for having my snout in the mainstream-media, well, indeed I do and it was because of this that I first read a comprehensive expose of the activities of “grooming” gangs in several English cities. The reports were published in the Times, a venerable and much respected newspaper and as mainstream as they come. It was the publishing of these articles which finally galvanised the authorities into action and in due course led to numerous arrests and convictions.
Robin Grant