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Human irresponsibility a threat to all life

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Re: “Pro-lifers have a funny way of showing it”, Have Your say, yesterday.

Nature’s most powerful force is continuance of the species. From Rhinoceros females who can only conceive once every four years, to the human species where a woman can conceive once every month, the resulting offspring are a treasure and have a right to protection.
Women do have a right of control over their bodies, but before conception not after giving birth. If a women does not want a child then the time to decide that is before she conceives, not when she is faced with infanticide to free her from an 18-year responsibility. Taking life is taking life, whether it’s termed abortion or infanticide after birth as prescribed by the US Democrat Party. It’s repugnant and wrong and completely avoidable.
The US-funded global organisation Planned Parenthood is pro-life. Planning a family is the responsible way forward. Consensual unprotected bed-hopping, conceiving when there is even doubt about who the father might be and then clearing up the “mess” by taking innocent life, is sloppy irresponsibility. It’s a violation of life itself.
While Mr Bahrt’s statement, “Most ‘pro-life’ people also tend to love war” is foolish and groundless, it is true they do not apply their principle to other sentient species that do behave in a far more responsible way, subjected to natural forces as they are.
JC Wilcox

Published : May 20, 2019