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At least the military is not a stooge of the West

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Re: “Concerned about repeat of 1976 massacre? Then why support the military?”, Have Your Say, April 12.

I was 30 years old when the 1976 massacre took place. I had returned to live in Chiang Mai after working in Bangkok for a decade. I had returned to Bangkok for business and was staying at a hotel near Ratchadamnoen Avenue. I was less than a kilometre away from where the students were being massacred, and that was perhaps one of the saddest moments in my life. 
I want to reiterate that most Thais believe that the military is more patriotic than our politicians because, at the end of the day, it will protect the country, while politicians will never stop “exerting their democratic rights” even when their country is at a dead end. Yet every time something goes wrong, the politicians shift the blame to the military. 
Western powers always support Thailand’s bad politicians so they can ply our open market for their products as soon as an election is held and a new “democratic” government is formed. Thanks to that, our country has effectively turned into a consumerist society, and that is how the world’s superpowers enrich themselves.
All these rich and powerful countries care about is for us to do what they say, and Thai politicians are nothing more than their stooges. 
Vint Chavala

Published : April 12, 2019