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TUESDAY, September 27, 2022
Kongsak dedicated to making Thailand a regional sports hub

Kongsak dedicated to making Thailand a regional sports hub

TUESDAY, April 09, 2019
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Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) governor Kongsak Yodmanee on Tuesday confirmed his commitment to developing and upgrading the nation’s sports infrastructure to international standards.

This would benefit families and youngsters, as well as encourage good health and pride in the Kingdom, he said, pointing out that he was already “walking the walk”, having launched 12 major projects since he took office six months ago.
Addressing the media at SAT Headquarters in Hua Mark, Kongsak said that under his leadership, a more proactive approach to effective sports sciences had been implemented at both players and sports associations levels to enhance the country’s sports standards.
One of his 12 projects is to build a state-of-the-art National Training Centre in the Smart National Sports Park within the Hua Mark Sports Complex which will serve as training facilities for up to 20 sports and is accessible by the BTS Skytrain.
“The first centre will be here at the Sports Authority of Thailand in Hua Mark and then more centres will be built in the provinces. This will play a part in making Thailand the sports hub of the region,” said the 46-year-old governor.
Kongsak claimed that the National Training Centre, which will also be open to the public, will feature a sports mall, sports school and places for e-sports, music, arts and food to attract youngsters and their families for recreational use.
The SAT chief also said after overseas study trips to Japan, South Korea, Germany and Qatar, sports science data had been gathered by a sub-committee assigned to oversee a top-quality sports science development programme, including training, physiology, psychology and diet.
SAT’s 12 projects consist of a Smart National Sports Park, Smart sports science centre, Sports Law centre, Smart Organisation, Sports Big Data, Sports Tourism, Sports City, Sports Entertainment and Sports Expo, Sports for Disabilities, Sports Lotto, Thai traditional sports and other sports in 5 southern provinces (full details outlined below).
“If these 12 main projects are implemented, they can generate an income of over Bt10 billion a year for the country,” the governor said.
Kongsak also has plans to renovate main stadiums in Thailand which are the Rajamangala National Stadium, Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium, His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary Stadium in Nakhon Ratchasima and Phu Khangkhao stadium in Songkhla.
Sports celebrities also took part in yesterday’s press conference – they included Pleumjit Thinkaow , the captain of the Thai women’s volleyball team, former Moto2 racer Ratthapark Wilairot and members of pop girl band BNK48.
“Having trained at the Sports Authority of Thailand for many years, I know we are inferior to other countries in many areas, including training equipment, doctors, foods and psychology,” Pluemjit said. “We need more sports science because they are essential in strengthening the players.”

SAT’s 12 projects

1.Smart National Sports Park
In an attempt to upgrade the services for the public, the National Training Centre (NTC) will be built in the compound of the Sports Authority of Thailand, Hua Mark.  It will also feature a sports complex featuring music, arts and sports museums as well as a health community, where people of all ages can exercise.
2. Smart sports science centre
This will also feature a sports hospital
3. Sports Law
The law department is to revise all the laws and educate staff about current legislation.
4. Smart Organisation
Thailand Quality Award (TQA) will be used to benefit the organisation based on good governance.
5. Sports Big Data
The database of the players, sportspeople and all aspects of sports science must be improved.
6. Sports Tourism
In order to boost the country’s economy, the SAT will support hosting international sports events and set its sight on becoming a hub for international sports events in the future.
7.Sports City
There will be a designated “sports city” in every region so that each city or province can have the best possible better chance for improvement.
8. Sports Entertainment and Sports Expo
The National Games or the National Youth Games will be developed in line with international standards. The light and sound systems are going to be used to make the Games more interesting.
9. Sports for Disabilities
The disabled players must be provided with a good management, a training centre and the stadium. They should also be given a chance to join the competition on regular basis.
10. Sports Lotto
Hosting fundraising events to support the nation’s sports
11.Thai Traditional Sports
Supporting Thai traditional sports – this will generate an income for the players, who will also be proud of representing the country.
12. Sports in 5 southern provinces
To strengthen relationships among youngsters in five southern provinces and encourage them to get involved in sports.