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Thai Raksa Chart knew all along it was playing with fire

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Re: “More than Thai Raksa Chart in the balance”, Editorial, February 26.

Tuesday’s editorial refers to Princess Ubolratana as plain “Ubolratana” – which is a democratic thing to do given that she herself insists on being regarded as a commoner.
However, I found it intriguing that Thai Raksa Chart leader Preechapol Pongpanich insisted on calling her “Princess Ubolratana”, in declaring its candidate for prime minister .
More puzzling still was the party’s Thai-language version of the announcement, which referred to the princess as “thoon gramom”, which means “Your Highness”.
It seems Thai Raksa Chart has known all along that Princess Ubolratana is not a commoner.
Question: Why did it put forward the nomination, fully aware of the potential consequences?
Vint Chavala
Chiang Mai

Published : February 27, 2019