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Shameful behaviour by Thai authorities is being seen around the world

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Is the junta in Bangkok aware of the extremely bad publicity it has generated for Thailand internationally with its apparently masochistic detainment – notably with medieval shackling, seen around the world thanks to global TV coverage – of an Australian refugee, a soccer player of Middle East origin, who did nothing wrong but come on holiday to Thailand?

The world is unanimous, apart from the tiny, backward Gulf state of Bahrain, from where the man fled flagrant violations of his rights as a human being. Shame on Thailand!
Acting in this way, Thailand has proved it is a dangerous place for holidaymakers, a place that vacationers may now choose to stay away from.
Several of my sports friends have already cancelled planned trips to Thailand.
It is high time Thailand freed this UN-recognised refugee. Only this would perhaps limit the damage already done to a country that seems to profit from other people’s misery. Thailand should join the rest of the civilised world and sign the UN convention on refugees!
Taco Slagter 
The Netherlands

Published : February 07, 2019